Volvo e-Coupé:
styling & modelling in VR environment
The 3 Design Reads 
Like a good painting has large, medium and small brushstrokes, the Volvo e-Coupé is designed by applying the concept of the three reads: from distance, attracts the viewer with its slender proportions, aggressive expression and sculptural elegance, at a closer look engages the sight with the elegant flow of its edges to finally let the eyes indulge in the minute tertiary surfaces, the tratment of the mouthgrill area, the framing of the headlights the tail, the shouldier over the back wheels and the washout on the front wheelarches.
Aesthetic and process experimentation. 

The concept design aims at exploring and evolving Volvo's electroc vehicle design language. The sculptural surfaces, enclosed by fluent edges and well defined proportions give the car its muscolar, yet elegant and technologic stance, and better differentiates Volvo from PoleStar design. introducing a high-end coupé segment, not present in the current line-up. Sub-D surface modelling in Gravity Sketch on the Oculus Quest 2.
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