The mission of our design is to provide Memorable Experiences, turning your new products and services into delightful touch-points towards your Brand and ultimately driving up sales and conversions via the positive word-of-mouth of enthusiast users and loyal customers.

With over 10  years multidisciplinary experience and a track record of successful products and award-winning designs, MEGALOOP offers an integrated set of services, from Research & Insights to Design Strategy, Industrial Design, UI-UX Design, to Design Engineering and Manufacturing Follow-up.

How We Design Change:
We use Design Thinking as a foundation for all our projects, embedding requirements from Social Desirability, Technical Feasibility and Business Viability early on in the project.  
We have a strong client focus: every company, like every project, is unique, hence we assess your Industrial Capabilities, Product Portfolio and Competition Arena.
We research insights in the field to drive User Centered Innovation and Added Value Functionality.
We tailor Aesthetics around your Brand DNA, to communicate your Values and deliver Emotions. 
We conceive, validate and develop solutions by the Lean Start-up method, verifying hypothesis by prototyping and testing with the intended users.
How we manage design.
To ensure that our way of thinking is correctly represented in our work, we have developed our own Project Management Tool.  
The Tool helps us to manage the complexity of the three-fold requirement specification of Design Thinking (Business, Technology and Marketing) and to make sure that all relevant insights are researched, considered in the design brief and correctly addressed with the solutions. We also hard-wired in our project management tool the the lean start-up method, so that the solutions we propose are built upon verified and tested hypothesis. 

MEGALOOP Project Mgmt Tool embeds design thinking and a lean way of working to explore the Fuzzy Front End, turning Wicked Problems into Ad-Hoc solutions

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