Convergent Design 
We create memorable experiences at the intersection of HW and SW, by applying best practices from design thinking, user research, design doing, engineering, marketing and business. 

Empowering and delightful experiences drive up sales and conversions via positive word-of-mouth by enthusiast users and loyal customers. To get there, we leverage on both a broad multidisciplinary knowledge and a deep skillset in both HW and SW design. Our designs won the most prestigious awards in a variety of industries including telecom, home appliances, consumer electronics, security, transportation, industrial equipment and FMCG.
We build the right thing 
We create innovative product experiences tailored on your user needs, delivering functionality and your brand narratives by design. ​​​​​​ 

Our design is a blend of user centricity, creativity and innovation. We adopt an outside-in perspective by shadowing end-users and user-testing our solutions early on.  Besides functionality, we deliver inspiring designs, that connect with users at an emotional level. We carefully design semiotics (the communicative aspect, or the meaning of form)  to create iconic designs that resonate with customers aspirations and stand out on the marketplace. We are style agnostics and tailor the new design on your brand, its values and narratives, creating  physical and digital manifestations of brand DNA.
We build the thing right 
We get engineering right: we consider technical feasibility early on and develop problem solving solutions that breach the gap towards engineering departments. 

With a solid knowledge of technology and engineering, our concepts incorporate mechnic, kinematic, thermal solutions, material and process selction, design for manufacturing and assembly.  We are hands-on with prototyping and our experience in factories and in close collaboration with engineers and suppliers helps deliver outstanding designs in an efficient new product development process.
Good design is good business 
We use design thinking and work convergently with digital, physical and service touchpoints to deliver connected experiences to modern day businesses. 

We map your customer experience journey and help you conceive a robust business strategy, prioritize the initiatives that will create the most impact on your customers and users, and take strategic decisions in the context of modern business paradigms. With servitization, digitalization and dematerialization of products and features, we can assist you strategically, by conceiving a connected product eco-system and stramlining the user interaction across digital and physical touchpoints and operationally, with hands-on design for both of your HW and SW touchpoints.
Order out of chaos
We manage complexity and interdependencies and involve key stakeholders and cross-functional teams to explore the fuzzy front-end. 

With 15 years in the field, we have worked on a variety of challenges and managed complex projects at all stages of the new product development cycle, in both waterfall and agile structures. We led design teams, cross-functional teams and stakeholders through sprints, workshops and entire projects, delivering award winning designs and successful projects, as well embedding a design culture and new ways of working that increase inclusion in the creative process and enable innovation. We value transparent and trustworthy relationships with our clients and co-workers, we enable a safe sandbox to test new ideas and promote candid feedback is our way to and timely communication. 
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