Electrolux Vortex:
industrial & surface design
Industrial design, surface design, product engineering.

The unique industrial design of the washing machine's detergent drawer is both evocative and functional. Inspired by water swirls, the design aids the functionality of the detergent drawer, effectively creating a vortex that allows the detergent to mix and liquify faster, at lower temperatures and silently. The shape and size of the cavities are designed for intuitive use and to avoid spilling the detergent. Close collaboration with engineering enabled achieving the ambitious design intent.
Patented design & Vortex technology 

The patented design in combination with the water jets coming from above with high pressure creates a water vortex in the detergent compartment which means that all types of detergent, including PODS, completely dissolve up to 60% faster than if they are placed in the drum. PODS efficiency is guaranteed even at low temperatures and during short washing programs. The drawer features self-cleaning, lower noise level when water flows through the compartment, and works optimally even in low water pressure conditions.

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