HUAWEI easy Macro BTS:
Form factor, usability & ergonomics
Compact, easy installation 

The designer created a radically new mounting bracket that allows the cylindrical antenna to be tilted on its central axis. This simpler and smaller bracket, allows the unit to be mounted very close to the wall or pole, resulting in a neat looking site. The bracket would be mounted first, and the antenna unit can then be hosited and easily hooked to it. 
Thought out touchpoints

The bracket conceals a retractable handle, whereas the cylinder rims extend further out, creating convenient fingerslots to easily grip and lift the unit when not connected to the bracket. 
Designed to hide in plain site

One of the issue of telecom equipment is the obtrusive look of the site, and the health concerns from residents, which at times hinder and slow-down the telecom roll-outs. The team also designed a ground-mount bracket that would allow the unit to be installed on roofs, making it look like a cymney and blend in the environment.
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