Electrolux Fabric Care Experience:
research, strategy & convergent design
Research, user journey mapping, design thinking, experience design

The designer gathered years of internal knowledge in a granular user journey and service blueprint map. He involved key stakeholders in design thinking sessions and elaborated a strategic approach to the brand-new digital experience of the Electrolux Fabric Care products based on sustainability. In a later stage, he led an agile experience design team and a cross-functional team to work in Google-Sprint formats: ideating, prototyping, user-testing, and iterating innovative experiences across the digital (mobile-first) and physical touchpoints (UI & HMI for washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers).
Digi-physical UX UI design

The team explored new experience concepts by prototyping and user-testing a multitude of both low-fi and hi-fi prototypes, ranging from napkin sketches, XD prototypes, and full-fledged interactive UI and HMI concepts integrated with industrial design 3D models, delivering a credible, seamless, and branded digi-physical experience.
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