ABB electric vehicles charging station:
design thinking & industrial design
Industrial design, prototyping & engineering. 

The outstanding design of the electric car charging station is ABB totem at the main car trade shows and has been a protagonist in several technical and financial publications. Inspired by car and technology trends, its design is still relevant today. The charging tower is both slim and sturdy, stemming from the street level and protecting the sockets from the rain. The designer conceived and 3D modeled the product and sculpted a foam prototype scale 1:1 to assess the product aesthetics, proportions, and surfacing, as ell as its ergonomics and usability.
System thinking, UX & UI design. 

The tower's LED inlays are color-coded to communicate at distance the status of the tower and the status of the charge. The service can be accessed via the App, directly at the station via a smartphone's NFC, or via a RFID card. The App allows to control the status of the charge remotely and sends the user a notification when the vehicle batteries are sufficiently and fully charged.
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