We take on every project as our one-time opportunity to craft the experience.
We lead design projects by applying best practices from design, technology, marketing and business.
We have a Unique Culture, blending Scandinavian User Centricity  with Italian Creativity:
this resonates with our culture and workflow, as we adopt an Outside-In perspective on your end-users challenges: we collect insights from the field and with your customers, gaining a deeper understanding of their culture and real-world challenges and provide them with value-adding solutions. Besides functionality, we deliver inspiring designs, that connect with users on an emotional level. We carefully design semiotics (the communicative aspect, or the meaning of form)  to create iconic designs that resonate with customers aspirations and stand out on the marketplace.  We are style agnostics and tailor the new design on your Brand DNA, leveraging on your Brand Values.  ​​​​​​​
We are Business Conscious Designers: 
we analyze our client's business model, its product portfolio and its competition arena in order to understand the key factors to success in their respective market and business lines. We tailor a business case around our design solution to improve its chances of market success. We only propose the solutions that we believe in from a business perspective and that we would ourselves invest into.
We are Design Engineers:
Designers need to breach the gap towards the engineering departments and take responsible choices when it comes to technical feasibility. This starts early on in the process, hence designers need to be technology aware. At MEGALOOP, we ensure the feasibility of our solutions thanks to our solid knowledge of Technology and Engineering as well as to our hands-on experience in factories and in close collaboration with suppliers. This results in a much more linear and efficient product development process, as our proposals incorporate thinking behind how a part is going to be molded and assembled. 
We provide pre-engineered 3D models that integrates in the development cycle seamlessly.
We Manage Complexity:
with over 10 years in the field, we have worked on a variety of challenges and managed complex projects at different stages of the New Product Development cycle. We value transparent and trustworthy relationships with our clients, enabling clear and timely communication. We have a clear vision of what good design is and how to achieve that. Our Project Management Tool is how we deliver, ensuring design quality and meeting deadlines consistently.  

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